Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy


Veterinary Physiotherapy

Using information from the referring vet as our starting point, we evaluate your animal, administer the most appropriate treatment and give you advice and training so that you can support and maintain our treatment programme. For more information click here.

Gait Analysis

We have the UK’s first gait-analysis equipment at our treatment centre in Grazeley Green. We use it to observe, measure and record your animal’s gait pattern (way of walking). Analysing a succession of recordings means we can empirically see the results of our physiotherapy treatments.  For more information click here.

Sports Conditioning

We offer tailored functional strengthening exercises that enhance an animal’s performance by increasing its awareness of where its limbs are. For this, we use a dry treadmill, the hydrotherapy pool, resistance bands and equipment that challenges balance and trains patterns of movement.  For more information click here.


At Kennel & Paddock, we believe that acupuncture can be a useful adjunct to conventional medicine and that there can be benefits from using it alongside our other rehabilitative treatments.  For more information click here.

Health and Wellbeing Clinic

At Kennel & Paddock, we understand that if a pet has suffered an illness or injury, the owner’s natural urge is to want to make it feel happier, so they adopt the short-term solution of offering treats or high-protein foods just at the point when the animal can’t exercise as often, and this can create a new problem or compound an existing one.

We can help. We have the time and expertise to tailor a weight-loss and rehabilitation plan to return your pet to full fitness through dietary changes, various forms of low-level exercise, hydrotherapy and strengthening exercises.  For more information click here.


We have a heated 5m x 3m hydrotherapy pool at our treatment centre in Grazeley Green. Prior to treatment, each animal has a warm shower and is fitted with a flotation harness.

As part of Kennel & Paddock’s approach to rehabilitation, hydrotherapy is given always and only by our chartered veterinary physiotherapists. It often uses toys to motivate and stimulate, and water jets are used to provide extra resistance. After their treatment, animals have a warm shower and are dried off.  For more information click here.


The term rehabilitation (rehab) comes from the Latin word “rehabilitare” which means “to make able again”. At Kennel & Paddock, when we rehabilitate animals, our main aim is to return them to their optimal function quickly, with the least amount of pain and fewest adaptive changes possible.

We aim to give our animal patients better mobility and gait patterns with improved strength, flexibility and balance. This means that their bodies are able to cope with their daily activities, whether they’re companion, working or competing animals.  For more information click here.

Supervised Swimming

Kennel & Paddock has a 5m x 3m pool heated to 30°C with a variety of toys and balls to help stimulate your dog. Forget muddy playtime in the park; your car and home will stay clean whilst your dog has an excellent workout!

No referral is necessary for supervised swimming sessions; contact us to make an appointment.  For more information click here.

Behaviour Management

At Kennel & Paddock, we have a dedicated canine behaviourist who offers a complete assessment and treatment plan for all behavioural issues in the rehabilitative setting.  For more information click here.

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