Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy

Gait analysis

Kennel & Paddock was the first UK-based veterinary rehabilitation centre to have a treadmill system that can score lameness and record the improvements made during the animal’s rehabilitation programme. Karl Jones has undertaken US-based training with Gait4Dog, widely acknowledged for introducing this new technology to the companion-animal sector over there.

On both the treadmill and a land-based mat, we use state-of-the-art pressure pads and cameras to record and monitor physical changes in the animal, helping to pinpoint the problem areas, measure recovery and establish the optimum time for returning to full activity.

Our equipment can:

  • Confirm the diagnosis of the physical examination
  • Highlight any compensatory changes occurring during walk or trot
  • Quantify the results found
  • Compare results across sessions
  • Confirm that the most efficient rehabilitation programme is being delivered



All conditions that are routinely treated with physiotherapy and/or hydrotherapy can be observed, monitored and assessed using gait analysis.

No referral is necessary for assessment using gait analysis; contact us to make an appointment.

Please note that if lameness is detected, veterinary referral will be needed for any treatment.

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