Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy

Health & wellbeing

The increasing number of overweight pets in the UK confirms what lots of pet owners know: it’s far from easy to keep our pets in ideal body condition in the face of clever pet-treat marketing, busy work lives and the British climate.

Excess weight increases abnormal loads, stresses and strains on an animal’s joints, heart and lungs. These loads can lead to conditions such as diabetes, liver disease and urinary-tract disorders – while seriously impeding their fitness and potentially shortening their life expectancy. Often, losing weight can help animals reduce the amount of medicines/drugs they need and can dramatically improve their quality of life.

Losing weight carefully presents various challenges to different pets. Professional, non-judgemental advice on a complete approach encompassing feeding, exercise and medical care gives the most effective results. As with humans, crash diets are not the answer.

Kennel & Paddock’s health & wellbeing work is by veterinary referral and we liaise closely with the referring practice.

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